Five New Nikkor Lenses to be Announced in 2017

Nikon Lenses

Five new Nikkor lenses are coming! According to the latest rumors from NR, along with the Nikon D820 and Nikon D7300, Nikon is rumored to announce five new Nikkor lenses this year.

According to latest interview with Nikon executives:

  • The Nikon camera business is undergoing a major restructuring.
  • Nikon is taking an aggressive approach to rebuild their camera business.
  • Nikon has no plans for closing domestic or overseas manufacturing plants at the present time.
  • In the future Nikon will concentrate their resources on medium to high-end DSLR cameras and lenses as well as mirrorless cameras.
  • Nikon will have fewer models in the future.
  • Nikon still wants to develop a high-end compact camera.

Source: NikonRumors

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