4000000000 Pixels Photo? Amazing!

a small park in San Diego

a small park in San Diego

Have you ever seen a 4 billion pixels digital photos(88000×44000)? If you do not compress, a photo will be 24GB! Take a look. So amazing!

First photo:

4 billion Pix

a small park in San Diego

4 billion Pixels2


4 billion Pixels3


4 billion Pixels4


4 billion Pixels5

Zoom!    Do you see “1769”!

4 billion Pixels6

Have you ever noticed there are two people yet?

Second photo:

NASA launch base

NASA base

NASA launch base2


NASA launch base3


NASA launch base4

Zoom!!!    Is there your name on it ?

Third Photo:

a cruise ship

a cruise ship in Memphis

a cruise ship2


a cruise ship3


a cruise ship4

Zoom!!!   Do you see the signature of the author

a cruise ship5

Two designers and their masterpieces

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