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Venus Optics Laowa Nanomorph 27mm T2.8, 35mm T2.4 and 50mm T2.4 1.5x S35 Anamorphic Lenses Announced

Capture high-definition anamorphic imagery with this Laowa Nanomorph S35 Prime 3-Lens Bundle from Venus Optics. The bundle includes 27, 35, and 50mm Laowa Nanomorph compact anamorphic lenses that feature a 1.5x anamorphic squeeze ratio, amber color flares, markings in meters and feet, 0.8 MOD cine gears, available for Canon RF, DJI DL, Fuji X, Leica L, Micro Four Thirds, Nikon Z and Sony E mounts.

All the lenses cost $999, first available for pre-order at B&H.

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Laowa 90mm F2.8 2X Ultra Macro APO Lens Announced, Priced $499!

Laowa 90mm f/2.8 2x Ultra Macro APO Lens is officially announced. It is specifically designed for mirrorless cameras with full-frame sensors size for Canon RF, Nikon Z, Sony FE and leica L mounts. With its fascinating 2:1 magnification capability and focus to infinity, the lens can capture subjects in any size, making it very versatile for different applications including macro, commercial and portrait photography. It is super compact and lightweight, the size of the lens is significantly smaller than other equivalents on the market. An apochromatic (APO) characteristic is equipped even in high magnification to provide outstanding image quality.

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Three New Sony APS-C Lenses Review (

Sony announced three new APS-C lenses: Sony E 11mm F1.8, Sony E 15mm F1.4 G and Sony E 10-20mm F4 PZ G lens. While each of the new offerings brings a unique set of features to the table, they all share an emphasis on wide focal lengths, bright optics, and compact builds.

Marc Alhadeff  tested these new lenses and made such conclusion: Read More »

Venus Laowa 20mm F4 Zero-D Shift Lens Officially Announced

Anhui China, 28 March 2022 – Venus Optics, the manufacturer that specialized in making unique camera lenses, is presenting a new Laowa 20mm f/4 Zero-D Shift, expanding its shift lens line-up. On top of the fascinating ultra-wide angle of view, the lens delivers incredible sharpness with close-to-zero optical distortion (Zero-D). A ±11mm shift amount on full-frame (±8mm on Medium Format) allows architecture photographers to have maximum control on the perspective. The lens also comes with a rotatable lens hood for avoiding flare and protecting the front lens element. Pair with the special design lens support*, it can now create perfect high-res stitching with ease. This carefully crafted lens can absolutely satisfy professional users for both architectures, interior and landscape works. Read More »

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