Fujifilm GF 20-35mm F4 Lens to be Announced on September 8th

According to Fujirumors, Fujifilm will announce the Fujifilm GF 20-35mm F4 lens on September 8th along with the Fujifilm X-H2.

Comparison with the current  Fujifilm GF 32-64mm F4 lens , this zoom from the wide-angle end of the current lens to 20mm (15.8mm in full-frame equivalent) is the widest GF lens.

Fujifilm GF 20-35mm F4 lens, which was suggested to be released this year in the lens roadmap, seems to be announced at the next X Summit.

Till now, there was no wide-angle zoom in the lens system for GFX, and the single focal length was only up to 23mm (equivalent to 18mm). Would it be welcomed by Fujifilm photographers?

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