Samyang MF 85mm F1.4 MK2 and MF 14mm F2.8 MK2 Lens Announced

Samyang has just officially announced two new lenses: Samyang MF 85mm F1.4 MK2 and Samyang MF 14mm F2.8 MK2 lens. Both the leses are compatible for Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony E, Fujifilm X, Canon M and MFT mounts.

The manual focus 85mm of Samyang has been loved for its expressive portraits. Inheriting the original optical design, ‘De-click function’ and weather sealing function are added to encourage the ease-of-use when capturing moments of your life.


Meet the most beloved Samyang 14mm manual focus lens in the enhanced usability and product design! Succeeding the acclaimed image quality of original 14mm, the focus lock and de-click function are added to support the freedom of expression at the tip of your finger tips.


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