Which is the Best Lens Shooting at 200mm F/2.8 ?


Roger and Aaron has just tested many 200mm options for Canon and Nikon to find out which is the best lens shooting at 200mm F2.8.They tested 8 lenses that can shoot at 200mm and f/2.8 aperture for Canon and Nikon mount cameras and made a conclusion: the more you spend on your 200mm lens, the better it gets. So what do you think?

“My opinion, though, is that the extra cost involved in getting the brand-name zoom lens in this category is probably worth it if you can possibly manage it. The Canon and Nikon f2.8 stabilized zooms are amazing optics. The f/2.0 primes, while wonderful lenses and even better optically than the zooms, are priced like the specialty items they are. The third-party lenses and Canon Non IS are cheaper, and probably good enough for many uses. But don’t kid yourself; they aren’t as good.”Read the full Review


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