Olympus 150-400mm PRO Lens to be Released in Autumn 2020


The new Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 150-400mm IS PRO lens is coming near. According to the latest rumors from 43Rumors, this new lens is expected to be released in Autumn 2020. It will  “weights 2kg with tripod collar. Without it drops to 1.85kg”.  .

Below are some details of a German interview with Olympus Forum:

150-400mm PRO lens:
The lens will be on market by autumn 2020.

PEN-F is still in Stock but Olympus stopped the production. But Olympus has yet NOT decided if there will be a successor or not. Still, Olympus asked to customers what they think should be improved on a future PEN-F model

Super fast f/2.0 zooms:
Olympus wants to make lenses as small as possible an that’s why they didn’t make MFT versions of their older super fast f/2.0 zooms

2020 roadmap:
He confirms in 2020 we will get new cameras and new lenses.

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