Olympus ED100-400mm F5.0-6.3 IS Lens Images & Specs Leaked

This is the product image of the upcoming Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 100-400mm F5.0-6.3 IS lens , leaked at the 43Rumors.

Below are the rumored specifications:

  • Compatible with teleconverter
  • Super telephoto equivalent to 1120mm with MC-14 and 1600mm with MC-20
  • Dustproof and splashproof, low temperature resistant
  • Image stabilization
  • Super HR lens, HR lens, ED lens, ZERO coating
  • Suggested retail price 180,000 yen (198,000 yen including tax)
  • Maximum diameter 86.4 mm, total length 205.7 mm
  • Mass 1120g (without tripod seat / 205g for tripod seat)
  • Filter diameter 72mm
  • Shortest shooting distance 1.3m (entire zoom range)
  • Maximum shooting magnification 0.17x (wide end), 0.57x (tele end) *35mm conversion


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