Panasonic G Macro 30mm f2.8 Lens Review (DxOMark): Very Good Optical Performance

Panasonic G Macro 30mm lens review

Kevin Carte has tested the new released Panasonic LUMIX G Macro 30mm F2.8 Lens and posted a review at the DxOMark. With a DxO Mark lens score of 17 points tested on the Panasonic Lumix GH-3 ,Panasonic G Macro 30mm F2.8 lens is a good performer, with low vignetting and very low lateral chromatic aberration.

Conclusion from DxOMark: “Overall optical performance of the Panasonic is very good, with the somewhat low-ish DxOMark score attributable to the lack of higher-resolution camera models available for testing… While it’s a welcome addition to the lineup and an attractive option to the starter-type kit zooms and high-speed normal models, lenses like this remain a somewhat niche market today…”

Panasonic Macro 30mm F2.8 lens $397.99 Amazon| Adorama| eBay

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Panasonic LUMIX G Macro 30mm f2.8 Lens Sample Images

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