Yongnuo 42.5mm F1.7 for MFT mount In Stock & Shipping at Amazon!

YONGNUO YN42.5mm F1.7

Good News! The newly announced Yongnuo 42.5mm f/1.7 for MFT mount is now in Stock and shipping at Amazon. This new lens costs only $89!

  • YONGNUO YN42.5mm F1.7 Large Aperture AF/MF Lens–$89Amazon

Product description

  • Lens Mount: Micro 4/3 system interface
  • Drive System: STM Stepper Motro
  • Lens Focus: 42.5mm(35mm equivalent focal length: 85mm)
  • Close Focusing Distance: 0.3m
  • Lens Structure: 8 groups of 9 pieces
  • Maximum Magnification: 0.15 times
  • Number of Aperture Blades: 7 pieces
  • Aperture Value: F1.7-F22
  • Filter Diameter: 52mm
  • Diagonal View Angles: 29 degree
  • Vertical View Angles: 18 degree
  • Horizontal View Angles: 24 degree
  • Maximum Diameter and Length: 61.6 x 55.4mm
  • Net Weight: Approx. 146g

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