Zeiss Milvus 35mm F1.4 Lens Announced, Priced $1,999, Available for Pre-Order


Zeiss has just officially announced the Zeiss Milvus 35mm F1.4 lens for Canon EF and Nikon F mount. This is a wide angle lens,  particularly suitable for portrait photography thanks to its speed. It costs $1,999.00, available for pre-order at B&HAdorama. The lens will start shipping in July, 2017.

  • Zeiss Milvus 35mm F1.4 LensPre-OrderB&HAdorama
Excellent imagery, even in difficult light conditionszeiss-milvus-35mm-f-1.4-len sample images
ZEISS Milvus Lenses

All lenses features a T*® antireflective coating from ZEISS. Outstanding stray light reduction is achieved by combining a number of optimally matched measures. In addition to the ZEISS T* coating, all lens edges are provided with a special pitch-black lacquer in a complex manual process. Light traps in mechanical components and specially designed surfaces are integrated to prevent the occurrence of reflections. Each focal length has its own individual optical design with the use of special types of glass displaying anomalous partial dispersion. This reduces the occurrence of color fringes at high-contrast edges of subjects to an absolute minimum.

Stable image performance over the entire focusing range
zeiss-milvus-35mm-f-1.4-len sample images2ZEISS Milvus Lenses

State-of-the-art camera systems and high-resolution digital image sensors are now demanding more and more performance from the lenses. The Floating Elements Design permits constantly high image performance in the focal plane – from the minimum object distance to infinity. This is accomplished by changing the axial distance between individual lens elements or element groups. The adjustment of the element spacing is coupled to the distance setting so that it always results in the right correction. The mechanical design of the ZEISS Milvus Lenses is highly complex and the workmanship must be extremely exact – both specialties of ZEISS.

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