Canon RF 100mm F2L IS USM Macro Lens to be Announced in 2020

A new Canon RF lens is coming. According to the latest rumors from CR1,  Canon RF 100mm f/2L IS USM Macro lens is in the hands of some select photographers and will be announced this year.

They couldn’t get any more information about this lens, but it’s clear that the native macro lenses for Canon RF lenses will be coming, and the F2 macro lens will be a great addition to the RF lens series.

The 100mm class macro has a lot of brightness around F2.8, but whether the medium-telephoto macro for RF mount will be a large aperture macro lens of F2.

If it has the aperture of F2, it seems to be useful in close-up photography as well as portrait photography. However, when it comes to F2 macro, it will be a little heavier and more expensive.

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