Four Tamron Full-frame Mirrorless Lenses to be Announced!

Four new Tamron lenses are coming! According to the Sonyaddict, they are

  • Tamron 35mm F3.5 Di III OSD (pancake)
  • Tamron 45mm F1.4 Di III USD
  • Tamron 90mm F1.8 Di III USD
  • Tamron 150-400mm F2.8-5.6 Di III VC VXD

The credibility is unknown, but it seems that it is judged to be highly credible from the specifications.

All four lenses are full-frame mirrorless lenses, and I think they are E-mount lenses, but there is a possibility that they will also appear in X-mounts.

We thought 90mm F1.8 lens was Tamron’s standard macro, but since it’s f1.8, is it a normal medium telephoto lens? The 45mm f1.4 is a lens with an interesting spec that is a slightly wide-angle standard. Also, 150-400mm is not a 100mm start but a 150mm start, and instead the F value is from 2.8, which gives the impression that it is quite a unique spec.

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