How to Prepare to Get the Best Deals on Amazon Prime Day 2015

Amazon prime day

2015 Amazon Prime Day is coming near. Amazon will offer a lot of one-day sales to Prime members to celebrate the 20-years anniversary. So, how to prepare to get the best deals on Amazon Prime day 2015?

There are a few things you’ll need to do know now:

Best Deals on Amazon Prime Day

Prime will be offering extra special deals through different categories, which will mark the even lower prices than black friday. Since the times that these items will be released are undisclosed, you’d better keep one page open to all day long to spot the top deals.

Watch for Giveaways

Amazon Prime Day will also be featuring several prize giveaways to visitors as a promotion to some of their new services, such as Prime Photo and Prime Music. There is a $10,000 Amazon gift card waiting for you to get.

Amazon Prime Day Is All Marketing

Finally, though you will want to get some great deals by participating in Amazon Prime Day, it’s important to point out that the entire event is a marketing ploy and all the deals are available for Prime member only.

Prime Day will start at midnight PDT, the second the calendar turns over to the July 15th. You will watching all kinds of Camera & Lens deals at  Hot Camera deals, Hot Lens Deals and Mirrorless Deals.

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