Images of Nikon Nikkor Z 20mm F1.8 and 24-200mm Lenses Leaked

Nikon Nikkor Z new lenses

This is the first image of the upcoming Nikon Nikkor Z 20mm F1.8S and Z 24-200mm F4-6.3 Lens, leaked at the Nokishita-C.

Nikon Z 20mm f / 1.8 S


Nikon Z 24-200mm F4-6.3:nikon_z24-200f4-63_0212_001


Nikon 20mm f / 1.8 S is relatively large, like the S-line f1.8 series lens, but it looks good. Nikon Z 24-200mm is a non-S-line lens, but the quality of the lens barrel seems to be quite high as far as you see the image, and it looks compact for its specifications.

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