Laowa 17mm F4 Zero-D Lens for Fujifilm GFX to be Announced Soon, Priced $1,249

Laowa 17mm f4 Zero-D lens

Laowa 17mm F4 Zero-D Lens for Fujifilm GFX is coming! According to the latest rumors from Chinese web Xitek, this new lens will cost $1,249.

Laowa 17mm f4 Zero-D lens 2

Laowa 17mm f4 Zero-D lens 3

Laowa 17mm f4 Zero-D lens 4

Below are the rumored specifications:

  1. Fuji medium format native bayonet
    No need to transfer, the original Fuji G-mount design, suitable for Fuji FFX medium format system, open up more shooting possibilities for medium format users.
  2. Unchanged “zero” distortion design
    The frog eye coating lens continues the ultimate requirement for ultra-wide-angle lenses. As always, it adopts an optical design with near-zero distortion to meet the demanding standards of Fujifilm medium-format users.
  3. Round filters for easy shooting
    The front of the lens is designed with a non-bulb lens and can be fitted with a circular filter of 86mm diameter for photographers to experience light shooting. In addition to the 86mm round filter, you can also install a 100mm square mirror bracket to enhance the playability of the shot.
  4. Super wide close shooting ability
    Like other wide-angle lenses of the old frog, the 17mm F4 lens also has excellent close-up ability. The recent shooting distance (image distance) is only 20cm, and the maximum shooting magnification is 0.28 times, which expands the application field of the photographer.
  5. Dazzling stars
    The lens is designed with five glossy blades that capture 10 brilliant stars.
  6. All-metal tradition, always sticking to
    The 17mmF4 lens inherits the quality of the old frog, all metal structure, strong and durable, ensuring the accuracy of assembly and the feel of focusing. Hard-wearing body, reliable shooting partner.

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