NiSi 15mm F4 Sunstar ASPH Lens Announced, Priced $579, Available for Pre-Order

 NiSi 15mm f/4 Sunstar Super Wide Angle Full Frame ASPH Lens was just officially announced. It combines a compact form factor with an ultra-wide field of view making it the perfect companion for landscape, seascape, night, architecture, interior and nature applications. The lens iscompatible with APS-C format mirrorless digital cameras and provides a 78 Degreeangle of view which translates intoa 35mm format focal length equivalency of 22mm. The wide-angle of view is combined with an advanced optical design, which includes aspherical, and low dispersion elements, to achieve a well-corrected, sharp, and color-accurate image. The lens has a manual focus design and allows working with subjects as close as 0.2m/7.87″ away.

This new lens costs $579, available for Canon EOS RF/ Fujifilm XF and Sony FE mounts.

The NiSi 15mm f/4 Sunstar Super Wide Angle ASPH Lens features a unique aperture design that contains 10 straight blades allowing for Sunstars from f/4 to f/22 and optimal image quality throughout. This breaks the paradigm of requiring a small aperture to create a Sunstar.

The lens elements are made of optical glass and comprise of one double-sided aspherical element and two extra-low dispersion elements. It features minimal chromatic aberration, minimal distortion and vignetting. It utilizes anti-reflection technology in order to improve light transmittance and reduce lens flare and stray light. NiSifs hard surface coating technology improves the toughness and waterproofing of glass elements.

The NiSi 15mm f/4 Sunstar Super Wide Angle Full Frame ASPH Lens has a minimum focal distance is 0.2m which creates stunning visual impact for close-up foreground subjects and looks great including a light source creating a Sunstar.

The NiSi 15mm f/4 is designed for full-frame but when mounted on a Fujifilm X mount mirrorless camera, APS-C models will have a 22mm equivalent focal length.

NiSi Sunstar Super Wide Angle Features

  • Create Beautiful Sunstars from f/4 to f/22
  • Full-Frame Format
  • Aperture Range: f/4 to f/22
  • Manual Focus Operation
  • Double-sided aspherical element

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