Plucky Weasel VS. Hungry Heron: Paying the Ultimate Price

weasel vs heron

Several days ago, Weasel riding Woodpecker taken by amateur photographer Martin was shared by millions of people. Today, the bird watcher Jonathan shows more incredible photos: plucky weasel VS. hungry heron.

weasel vs heron2
The weasel bites off more than it could chew
weasel vs heron3
Heron picks up the weasel in its beak and flying to a nearby lake to drown it.
weasel vs heron4

weasel vs heron5
The weasel still struggles after being dunked in the water
weasel vs heron6
The heron eats the weasel after making sure it was dead.
weasel vs heron7
It’s all over for the weasel.

Source: DM

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