Zeiss Telephoto and Macro Zoom Lenses Announced for iPhone 6/6s


Zeiss and ExoLens today launched a telephoto lens and a macro-zoom lens for the iPhone 6 family: Zeiss Mutar 2.0x Asph T* and Zeiss Vario-Proxar 40-80 T*. The recommended price of the telephoto lens is US $199.99, and the macro-zoom for $149.99. Both the new lenses will be available in Mid-September, 2016.

The new ZEISS Mutar 2.0x Asph T* telephoto lens is equipped with an aspherical element. It is therefore virtually distortion-free and offers uniform contrast and definition across the entire image field. The telephoto lens – offering the same angle of view like a 56 millimeter short telephoto lens on a full frame camera – can be used, for example, as a portrait lens.

The ZEISS Vario-Proxar 40-80 T* macro-zoom lens has a focal length of 40 to 80 millimeters. “In combination with the optics of the smartphone camera, turning the ring does not result in an increase or reduction of the field of view,” Product Developer Vladan Blahnik from ZEISS explains. “Instead, the ring functions much like a manual focus with which different planes can be set. If photographers want to shoot objects that are three to five centimeters away, they turn the ring to the right as far as it will go, and to the left for objects that are five to eight centimeters away.” This allows to capture objects measuring three to twelve centimeters filling the complete field of view.

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