Zenit 50mm F0,95 MF Full Frame Lens Announced!

Zenit 50mm F0.95

Today,  Zenit announced this new Zenit 50mm f/0,95 MF Full Frame lens. Zenit is expected to launch more E-mount lenses in the future and all of them are manual focus. The price will be around $700-$800.

Press text:

Zenitar 0.95 / 50 (Zenitar 50mm f / 0.95) is the first lens of the line, equipped with an E attachment mount for mirrorless cameras, as well as a unique bokeh pattern. The ultra-high aperture ratio of F / 0.95 provides low-light shooting. Distinctive design detail has become a perfectly round diaphragm, provided with fourteen petals. The new Zenitar has a completely metal case and weighs very well – 1.1 kg. The optical design of the lens has 9 elements in 8 groups, the calculation of the scheme Bogdankov VA, design – Timireva A.A.

Creating the concept and design of the lens, the KMZ experts took into account the tasks posed by portrait photographers. It was important to create a device that allows you to shoot high-quality images in different conditions. Photographers have already appreciated the novelty, noting the quality of bokeh, brightness and clarity of the images taken.

“Zenitar 0.95 / 50 is a lens for thoughtful photography that will suit both professionals and amateurs. Thanks to new, improved optical calculations, the image is sharper. It is worth noting your own unusual drawing, which is especially appreciated in artistic photography. The quality of the product is not inferior to foreign counterparts, and an attractive price will allow you to successfully compete with them in both domestic and foreign markets. Of course, the new development brings the Zenitar line to a fundamentally new level, ”said KMZ General Director Vadim Kalyugin.

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