Olympus 7-14mm F2.8 PRO Lens Review (PhotoZone): “a bit of a mixed impression”

Olympus 7-14mm F2.8 pro lens review Photozone

Klaus Schroiff has just posted a new review of the Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 7-14mm f/2.8 PRO lens at the Photozone. This new Olympus lens features good build quality, noiseless and fast AF, but it is too large. So, Schroiff preferred the Panasonic Lumix G 7-14mm f/4 ASPH better.

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Sample images taken with Olympus E-M5 II.


ISO Speed 200 Focal Length 14.0mm Aperture: f/8.0 Exposure 1/200s


Model E-M5MarkII ISO Speed 200 Focal Length 11.0mm Aperture: f/7.1 Exposure 1/640s

Conclusions From the review: “The Olympus M.Zuiko 7-14mm f/2.8 PRO left a bit of a mixed impression. Actually prior of this test I took it on vacation but the results were a bit short of my expectation – primarily because of the field curvature issue at 7mm which I didn’t know about at the time. When keeping the field curvature in mind and act accordingly, you can certainly achieve very good results. The center quality is breathtaking whereas the outer image region has be handled with care when shooting below 10mm at least (pull the focus a bit). Image distortions aren’t relevant from a user perspective. That being said it is also obvious that the auto-correction comes at the price of a bit of softness – it is simply not lossless. Vignetting as well as lateral CAs are a lesser concern. Despite its immense front element it is also worth to emphasize that the M.Zuiko is surprisingly flare-resistant (relative to others in this class)…” 

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