95 Million Nikon Interchangeable Nikkor Lenses Produced


Nikon was pleased to announce that the total production of NIKKOR interchangeable lenses reached 95 million in the mid of July, 2015. Here is the timeline of the previous Nikkor milestones:

  • 65 million Nikkor lenses in October, 2011
  • 70 million Nikkor lenses in June, 2012
  • 75 million Nikkor lenses in November, 2012
  • 80 million Nikkor lenses in June, 2013
  • 85 million Nikkor lenses in January,2014
  • 90 million Nikkor lenses in November, 2014

According this speed, we may see the milestone of 100 million Nikkor lenses this year. Click here to see Nikon Lens Deals.

Reminder: Canon Has Produced 110 Million Interchangeable EF Lenses

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