New Milestone: 110 Million Canon EF Lenses


Canon US recently celebrated the significant milestone with production Of 110 Million Interchangeable EF Lenses on June 22, 2015! The 110-millionth is Canon EF 11-24mm F4L USM wide-angle zoom lens, which was announced in February this year.

Canon began the first interchangeable EF lens in 1987 at the Company’s Utsunomiya Plant. Over past 28 years, EF lenses have garnered support from a wide range of users all of the world.

Canon produced EF lens production surpassed the 10-million-unit mark in 1995 and crossed the 50-million-unit threshold in 2009. In April 2014, Canon celebrated its first-in-the-world achievement of 100 million EF lenses, and now, they will set a new world record, leaving Nikon and Sony behind.

Reminder: Nikon Has Produced 90 Million Interchangeable Nikkor Lenses.

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