Pentax HD PENTAX-D FA 21mmF2.4ED Limited DC WR Lens Announced

Pentax has just officially announced the new Pentax HD PENTAX-D FA 21mmF2.4ED Limited DC WR Lens. It is an ultra-wide-angle single-focus lens compatible with the K-mount full-size digital SLR camera format. The release date is mid-November, and the suggested retail price is 198,000 yen (excluding tax).

Following the concept of the “Limited Lens” series, we pursue not only numerical evaluation by testing machines, but also “lens taste” by repeating image quality evaluation by live action and feeding back to the design.

When shooting in a distant view, a uniform depiction can be obtained up to the periphery, and by further reducing the aperture, a clear and sharp depiction with a high overall resolution can be obtained over the entire screen. The depiction characteristics change during close-up photography, the focus surface is sharp when shooting with the aperture open, and the out-of-focus image is soft and gently blurred, creating a depiction that makes the subject stand out, which is unique to ultra-wide-angle lenses. You can enjoy the perspective with a strongly exaggerated expression.

The optical system uses four ED glasses and one super ED glass, which have a high chromatic aberration reduction effect, to reduce chromatic aberration so that not only the focus surface but also the color bleeding of the blurred image is not noticeable.
By using a large-diameter concave meniscus lens, a biconvex glass-molded aspherical lens, and high-refractive-index glass for the first lens, the size is suppressed despite the ultra-wide angle, and sharp image performance with no image flow to the periphery is achieved. realization.
Uses a drip-proof structure that prevents water droplets from entering the lens.
In-lens motor drive AF realizes quiet and smooth autofocus drive

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