Three New Olympus F1.0 Prime Lenses to be Announced in 2016

olympus lens

According to the latest rumors from FT3, Olympus will announce three F1.0 prime lenses in September 2016. They are Olympus 12mm F/1.0; 25mm F/1.0 and 50mm F/1.0 lenses.

Source “Simon” shared this:

The plan from Olympus is to bring out 3 new high prime lenses (sealed) in september 2016. There are already prototypes in the lab. It is more “easy” to produce fixlenses instead of zoom like 40-150 2.8.I think they will bring them in September 2016. Parralel with the successor of our EM-1 they will introduce a new level of picturequality. There plan is to “steal” customers from Nikon & Canon (D4 + EOS 5) with highprime lenses + freehand hi-resolution modus like the EM 5 MK II. So 12mm/1.0; 25mm/1.0 & 50mm/1.0 will come !”

Source: FT3

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