Canon RF 18-45mm IS STM, RF 24mm Macro IS and RF 100-400mm IS USM Lens to be Announced in 2021

There are a few Canon RF lenses are coming in 2021. According to the latest rumors from CR2, only three new RF lenses will be announced in 2021. Read the details below:

All the lenses are not with “L”

  • Canon RF18-45mm IS STM lens: it is unknown if  this lens is a full size or a kit lens for an APS-C RF mount camera. That said, I don’t think “RF-S” lenses will be available.
  • Canon RF 24mm Macro IS lens: There is no information about the AF motor and how close it is to the macro function.
  • Canon RF100-400mm IS USM: This is a non-L lens.

Canon RF18-45mm IS STM is a standard zoom lens that is closer to the wide angle for full size with some specifications that have never been seen before.

Canon RF100-400mm IS USM is  common with L lenses, but it seems to be interesting because it is non-L.

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